What is “Pride Project For Youths In Japan”?

This project was established for those Japanese youth in trouble finding their own sexual orientation or gender identity, especially for those in their teens and twenties.

The purpose of this project is to ensure to make them feel secure and confident about their sexualities.

The current Japanese education system from elementary schools up to universities tends to implicitly force students to clarify and determine their sexual orientation between “boy or girl” or “man or woman”. In those exclusive situations, their gender identities, an important part of young people’s identities, are repressed.

As a consequence, some youth cannot reveal themselves, or problems related to their sexuality, to community members or even to their family. They cannot rely on anybody, and sadly some resulting consequences include self-harm, mental problems, or in some cases, suicide.

We want young people who have struggled with their sexualities to feel secure, and through interaction with peers who share their same problems, to feel “I am not alone.” We want to provide a platform for youth LGBT members to do various projects to achieve this purpose.

We share our problems as young queer people in Japanese society and consider what we can do when facing obstacles together.

We can be ourselves. We were born this way.

We envision creating  a peaceful world by sharing the significance of the diversity with all.

PRIDE Project for Youth in Japan Organizer Masa Honda